Waving the flag high for neo-burlesque, Dares is an excitable bundle of theatrical drama and comedic mayhem. Dares’ high energy routines are perfect for parties, festivals and burlesque & variety nights alike. Seeing life through the eyes of her cleverly constructed characters is a creative cabaret experience not to be missed.


Performed to dépêche modes classic electro sensation ‘Angel’ Dares character writhes onto the stage pulling the audience into the dark web of her desires. A dark and seductive based piece created to stir the mind, ideal for Halloween with one hell of a finale…
Please see the Gallery for more photos!

Alien: Out-of this World Cabaret, Rock Act

This unusual species is hungry for alien sex and is left frustrated after a date draws to a close and the man has not fulfilled her desires.

This act is easily adapted for Christmas/ Easter/ Valentines or other holiday periods. Expect raunchy, full on alien loving, with one hell of a climax. Please see the Gallery for more photos!

Zebra: Epic Journeying & Techno Raving Neo-burlesque

Dares brings you the story of a young Zebra migrating from the Serengeti, Tanzania all the way to Hackney, London for a rave and all the adventures she has along the way.

Dramatic storytelling that captures the essence of both innocent & debauched joy. RAVE till you die. Please see the Gallery for more photos!

Cock-Err: Nostalgic 90’s Drag King Cabaret

Introducing the world’s only (self proclaimed) number 1 Jarvis Cocker expert.

Listen and watch as the story unravels in all its Brit Pop Lovin’ theatrical glory, with a twist. Please see the Gallery for more photos!

“Great act idea, great movement, great comedy facial expressions. So funny, I loved it!”
Dolly Rose
Burlesque Artiste and Vintage Dancer

“Pure comedy Genius! Love how you fuse performance and burlesque. I want to be a Zebra!!”
Betty Blue Eyes
Burlesque Artiste

“Ursula’s energy on stage is comparable to that of a Duracell bunny! Great comedic sketches packed with nostalgia and laughs. Her ‘Cocker’ act is one not to be missed!”
Abi Blain
International Cabaret Performer, Singer & Compere

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